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Travel Risk

  • Take care of your personal belongings and valuables throughout the trip to India.
  • Foreign Travelers to India are urged to register with their embassy.
  • Avoid accepting food or drink from strangers while visiting India.
  • Since you may be a victim of the water borne diseases stick to mineral water throughout your trip to India.
  • One should learn as much about the health care delivery before venturing out.
  • Make sure that Travel Insurance Company cover illnesses and accidents abroad.
  • Immunizations against viral or bacterial disease are very important and should be done properly.
  • Although yellow fever does not occur in India, proof of appropriate vaccination may be required depending on one's itinerary.
  • See the doctor at least 4-6 weeks before the trip to India, to allow time for shots to take effect. Vaccinations for Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG); Japanese encephalitis, only if planning to visit rural areas for four weeks or more and Rabies, if someone is exposed to wild or domestic animals during recreation are important.
  • Carry all the important prescriptions and OTC medicines. Do not forget to have the brand names as well as the generic names of the medicines one needs to have.
  • As India is a tropical country, it is advised to avoid undue stress and excessive exposure to heat and cold.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Do not drink tap water. Use only canned water or aerated drinks.
  • General precautionary measures like carrying mosquito repellents, nets, clothes covering the whole body, and using the body sprays against insects in rooms are more than enough sufficient for diseases like Malaria and Dengue.
  • To prevent fungal and parasitic infections, keep feet clean and dry, and do not go barefoot.
  • Do not eat food purchased from street vendors.